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John Patton Bulk: COOL HAND FLUKE

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A mixture of Virginia tobaccos create a rather complex background for Perique. At times it goes unnoticed, and other times you taste the characteristics of the sweet, hay like Virginias. Ever present, however, is the earthy pungency of the Perique.

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Room Note: Tolerable

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Good Stuff
Darryl (WILMETTE, IL) 3/17/2014 9:27 AM
This tobacco is a departure for me, as I smoke flake pretty much exclusively. But, thanks to 4noggins (et al), I received a sample pack of Cool Hand Fluke in my last order. What a rich, smooth, tasty smoke this is. Don't let the 40% Perique scare you off (it would've me). Don't know what the blenders secret is, but it's the perfect combination Of Virginia's and Perique that compliment each other. Had to place an order for more, and will be purchasing more in the future, without a doubt.
my new favorite vaper
William Folk (Melbourne, FL) 5/16/2013 5:57 PM
Great taste and well worth the price. Not as good as McC 2015, but much cheaper, and easier to smoke/light. Not a "fluke" in my book a real winner!
From Cortez' attic
Larry B. (Chicago, IL) 11/2/2010 4:19 PM
There are as many different Vaper blends as there are possible combinations of Virginias used -- more, it seems. Some are grassy, some are fruity, some caramel-like, some citrous, etc. In CHF the sweet components, while present, are more subdued: a little hay-like; a little nutlike; vague honey tones and a savory tobacco goodness. They set the stage on which a deep, earthy Perique steps forward to star in this blend. The blend has a gentle sweetness that won't exactly satisfy a sweet tooth; but CHF will take you to the realm of the musty, stewed dark fruit flavors that fine Perique tobaccos generate. There are no packing, lighting or burning issues; good smoke volume and mouth feel; substantial nicotine hit; no bite; no gurgle; no dottle. A most satisfying, medium-smooth blend that uniquely fills a niche in the range of Vaper possibilities.
Richard Vernale (Louisville, KY) 7/15/2009 10:18 AM
This is a first class, stellar VaPer. Ribbon cut bright and dark virginia's along with finely chopped perique There is an old school scent out of the pouch and a hint of dark chocolate with that slight nose tickle. Lighting was very easy, the tobacco was not too moist. Following my charring light I produced a good volume of smoke as I settled in my favorite chair. I puff like a locomotive and this blend is very forgiving; I received absolutely no tongue bite. The smoke initially is very soft on the palate, further down the bowl the flavor expands and deepens. I tend to sniff the exhaled smoke to expand the experience and I sense that earlier mentioned chocolate scent wafting lightly in the background. This is not casing but a product of the various virginias and perique combination. There is a decent amount of perique, not overstated, but a background accompanyment to the fantastic virginias. Somehow the perique stays in the background at the beginning of the bowl, and as you progress the Perique comes to the fore. The tobacco left a white ash at the base of the bowl and there was virtually no aftertaste on my palate. This tobacco is a true delight to smoke. Frankly you could tin this that's how good the quality of this tobacco is.