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TAMBOLAKA (Ready Rubbed) 100g

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Ready Rubbed. Indonesian farmers toil in their islands' rich limestone soils to grow their flavorful tobacco leaves. After harvesting and air drying the leaves the unique aging process begins. The villagers roll the leaves of pure tobacco which they then bind using hand made cord to protect from the outside air. They then put these bundles inside their primitive huts and store them for 5 years as the tobacco becomes richer by the day. A spectacular blend of Cigar leaf and Burley.

pipe tobacco Flavor Index
Very Strong
None Detected
Very Full
Room Note: Strong

Product Reviews

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Natural Tobacco Satisfaction
John Peryam (Oak Ridge, TN) 11/12/2015 2:12 PM
I received an ounce of Tambolaka as a gift; it was already rubbed out and ready to smoke. It was on the dry side when I smoked the first bowl. There is a gamey, vegetal aspect in addition to natural tobacco flavor that was particularly noticeable in the first few bowls. I didn't know if I would be able to get past that at first but found that I kept coming back for more. This stuff grows on you. The taste that I spoke of is not unpleasant but is unlike anything I've experienced up to now. It is a relatively strong (nicotine) tobacco compared to most available tobaccos. The flavor is very satisfying, just plain tobacco without adornment. I did not find it to be bitter. 4 Noggins is the only place I have found it.
Really different experience
Miika Valve (Pornainen, ) 5/24/2015 10:55 AM
I was looking for strong pipe tobacco and this one peaked my interest. The taste is so much different that you get from "regular tobaccos" it's impossible for me to describe the taste except after about 15 bowls I finally had to give up and throw away the rest. Taste is way too bitter and weird that I just couldn't get used to it. Even so, I don't regret giving this one a chance. It would be better to have half-sized pouch or a sampler available for curious smokers.
richard mcbride (barrington, RI) 11/19/2012 7:54 AM
This is an amazing product in this day and age, and is the equivalent of Indonesian Perique. The Natives of the island of Sumba hand roll the freshly dried tobacco into these long tight poles and then wrap the whole stick in cord. it sits for 5 years fermenting and aging I assume anaerobically before reaching the warehouse then it could be another few years before it reaches your hand. The cut is long ribbons, the aroma is a bit musty, the taste when lit fresh out of the pouch is fruity almost, reminiscent of Perique, high in Nicotine but as it is aired out more becomes a bit more leathery in taste with a background of the finest Indonesian Tobaccos like Kasturi Hi-Grade. (Indonesia has over 100 distinct types of tobacco, most never make it beyond our shores) A top notch tobacco virtually unknown in the west. I am not a blender but I imagine with the right hand could add another dimension to an English blend or a more depth to a Va/Per or Va/Bur. Highly recommended for those wanting to adventure out of their comfort zone. It is a regular smoke for me both blended and straight but then again I live in Indonesia...