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Item Number: DAFM
Davidoff Flake Medallions are made from mature Virginia pipe tobacco plus pure Perique from Louisiana. The core of mild, fermented Black Cavendish adds a certain sophistication.

pipe tobacco Flavor Index
Extremely Mild
Room Note: Pleasant

Product Reviews

(25 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
A "Rolls-Royce" Virginia-Perique Mixture.
Patrick Eruimy (Switzerland) 2/7/2016 10:38 AM
Beautifully looking, tidily arranged, large Curly Cut coins in the tin. The black centre of each coin is Black Cavendish. Surrounding the black eye we find bright Virginia and darker Perique. Delicious tin nose, being that well known of Virginia and Perique. Fantastic blend, impeccable tobacco. Perfect moisture. I fold the medallions and stuff them in my pipe, without braking or rubbing. Superb balance of Virginia and Perique. The Black Cavendish rounds up the blend, adds softness, and some sweetness to the natural sweetness of the Perique and Virginia. The body of this mixture is tangy Virginia, which never covers up the delightful Perique. In the first half of the bowl the Perique shows more its fruity aromas and only a little pepper. In the second half of the bowl it’s the opposite. Pleasant after-taste. A Rolls-Royce mixture on the sweeter side for all Va/Per aficionados.
An easy smoking staple in my rotation
Nikolas Moraitis (Alice Springs, NT) 6/30/2015 3:48 AM
One of the first tobaccos I tried when I began smoking a pipe and to this day it remains a firm favourite. Easy to pack, stays lit well and smokes down to a fine white ash every time. It is easily my favourite Vinginia/perique blend and the cavendish adds something very special that other blends don't have. It is sweet, mellow and very relaxing and I think is a great beginning point for anyone delving into flakes for the first time.
Davidoff Flake Medallions
Vladimir von Belsch (Canada) 1/5/2014 1:13 PM
The Flake Medallions are incredibly sweet, which is a good thing for me as long as it is not artificial. I usually use the fold-and-stuff method with flakes, but this tobacco is very soft and falls apart easily. It takes a while to get it lit evenly, but then it burns without any problems at all. I smoked this tobacco in my Peterson Kinsale XL11, which has a rather large bowl size. I find it to have less complexity and less sweet in smaller pipes.
happy a day
pengzeren pengzeren (ningbo, zhejiang) 1/5/2012 11:43 PM
Hello I want buy the Davidoff FLAKE MEDALLIONS and Davidoff DANISH MIXTURE how do it please help me thanks