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G.L. Pease: GASLIGHT 2oz

Your Price: $11.05
Item Number: GLPGAS2
Gaslight is a rich Latakia mixture, structured with layers of mature Red Virginias and spiced with orientals. It's pressed and aged in cakes, then cut into one ounce bars of about 1" x 1" x 2".

pipe tobacco Flavor Index
Extra Mild
Medium to Full
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

Product Reviews

(35 Ratings, 7 Reviews) Average Rating:
Needs a quality assurance department
Richard Klempin (Sun City, CA) 11/21/2018 1:26 AM
Opened a tin today to find a cut up falling apart mess not what I expected. I was looking for a beautiful plug to slice and enjoy the build up prior to lighting I instead found a tin that seemed someone just wanted to making sure the 2oz were in it. 5 slices stuffed in half the flake falling apart. Quite disappointed.
Very earthy smell and taste
Serge Gagnon (St-Etienne-de-Lauzon, QC) 11/12/2014 7:41 PM
This product is very original. That don't taste like anything else. So, you'll love it or hate it. This smell very earthy, I mean earth at fall when leaf are Fallen on the ground creating a wetty, little bit, rotten smell. Happily, that don't taste what it smell. It burns very well on a smaller bowl, but it tend to create juice on bigger one. It has a very rich taste. Very smoky thick and white smoke also. You'll find this one reconforting at night just before to go to bed. It doesn't bit tongue, but can be very juicy and create a lot of vapor if you sip too strong on it. A very good product that, though, is probably better if you take it aside for a couple of years and open it after.
Just the Best English out there
Br. David West (Abbotsford, BC) 10/10/2014 4:17 AM
It smells of Victorian London, of hansom cabs and Holmes and Watson hot on a case. It calls up the fog of Dickens's Bleak House. It is the quintessential English smoke. All the more enjoyable that you have to cut off portions from a small brick of the blend. It gives as much enjoyment doing that, with the smell and the feel, as it soon does in my Peterson Watson pipe. Oh, the thoughts of old England it conjures up! I love this dreamy blend. The Latakia is lovely, balanced by everything else. It is cool, long burning, and absolutely delectable. It's the highlight of my tobacco rotation. I'd smoke it all day, but that would be spoiling myself. I save it for a savoury treat. The range and quality of the G. L. Pease offerings have made that my brand of choice in most areas, English,Navy, Balkan, and Virginia (oh that Jack Knife Plug is at the opposite pole, but equal in sensory delight). If you like the ritual of cutting, folding, bending or rubbing tobacco, if you want a plain good old-fashioned smoke that's true to the period it echoes, this is a must try! I'm glad I did. I predict, so will you. Note: For the experienced pipe artist, who knows what he likes and demands in a great tobacco!
GL Pease Gaslight
Vladimir von Belsch (Canada) 7/31/2014 11:08 PM
It's a little difficult to describe this masterpiece, and words wouldn't do it justice. This tobacco comes as as two pitch black plugs. The smell is sour, with lots of earth and smokiness. Almost like a peace of cured ham. When smoking, it takes just like it smells, but the sourness isn't as dominant. For me, it is a perfect balance of flavours, such as wood, leather, forest after the rain, and campfire. The smoke always Staus cool and creamy, without any sharp edges. Highly recommended!
An English masterpiece
Brent Adams (Reno, NV) 3/29/2014 4:33 PM
This may be Mr. Pease's finest creation yet. It is a full English dominated by latakia. Nevertheless, it is characterized by a remarkable smoothness which lasts throughout the smoking experience. Never bites. It is like Penzance but tastier. The finest white ash at the bottom of the bowl testifies to the quality of the tobaccos. By compressing the tobacco into one-ounce bars, Mr. Pease has enhanced the richness and consistency of the blend.It may seem cumbersome to deal with cutting flakes from the bars to prepare this blend for smoking, but they slice off easily and, since this is a very long lasting smoke, it is well worth the effort. Congratulations on creating a new work of art in the pantheon of this master blender.