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Item Number: X585BK

Never be stuck without the necessary pipe smoking tools again. The new XIKAR Resource pipe lighter comes equipped with everything you need neatly tucked away in the body of the lighter. From the top of the bowl to the bottom you have a stainless steel tamper, poker, and knife, ready and at your disposal. The durable lighter ignites with a simple pull-back ignition to reveal an angled candle flame.

Product Reviews

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Lighter is misnamed -already traded it in TWICE
Rico (Hudson, NH) 10/8/2013 11:56 PM
The Xikar “Resource” lighter is average sized with the flame orifice at a 45 degree angle. It’s lit by pushing the button at the top of the lighter down and away from the lighter body. To extinguish the flame, just release the button. Pros: Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Excellent flame angle Easy to handle Pipe tools built in Cons: Generally does not light on first try Is NOT windproof. Won’t work in Cold. Tools too small Need tool to adjust flame size The flame angle is great for lighting a pipe without singing your finger. It fits in an average sized hand , which makes it easy to manipulate with one hand. It has the three main pipe tools: tamper, poker & scraper. When folded away, frame of tamper encloses other tools. It may light on the first attempt, but normally lights on second or third tries. It does not like Cold, at about 50 degrees it will not light. If I sit outside for a night time bowl, I cannot set it on the table, I hav’ta keep it in my jeans pocket to keep it warm. The pipe tools fold into a cavity in the front of the lighter. The body of the tamper wraps around them. When you pull out the tamper, the poker & scraper remain in lighter cavity and are hard to get out – I hav'ta use my pocket knife. The poker & scraper cannot fold all the way out without being covered by the frame of the tamper, thus losing the reach you would have with the body of the lighter. That makes them too small to use on larger pipes. Tamper is large enough for small-medium sized pipes, but is too short for anything bigger. The Resource does not have the easy to adjust wheel to adjust flame size that most Xikar lighters do. You’ll need a tiny screwdriver to turn the recessed doohickey to adjust the flame. With the temperamental lighter and basically useless tools, the Resource lighter is not much of a resource. You’re better off spending your money on a different lighter.
The multi-tool of lighters
WillE (Ontario) 9/16/2013 9:27 PM
I'm very impressed with the sturdy quality of this lighter. It operates and feels like a lighter twice its price.