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Five Brothers: FIVE BROTHERS 1.25oz

Your Price: $3.69
Item Number: FIVE
Five Brothers is one of the more unusual pipe tobaccos available, extremely full-bodied, ultra-high nicotine content. A must for those who like living on the dangerous side.
Now made in Denmark.

pipe tobacco Flavor Index
Extremely Mild
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

Product Reviews

(20 Ratings, 7 Reviews) Average Rating:
Much milder
Arthur La Cues (independence, CA) 8/1/2015 7:42 PM
I really enjoy this tobacco. In fact, it is one of my favorites. However, since a Scandinavian company purchased Five Bros., it is not the same either in taste nor texture. Now it is just moderately strong and the ribbon cut is moister. Previously, under American ownership, it was very dry and a very hot smoke. Having said that, it is still stronger than any other brand I have found currently being sold and . for that reason, my favorite.
Easy to smoke
Miika Valve (Pornainen, ) 5/24/2015 11:01 AM
This has to be one of the easiest tobaccos to smoke. It's dry as a desert so it burns easily and fast. Taste is very mild, a bit hay -like. Didn't experience any bite, even it tend to burn quite hot. This tobacco works also excellently as cigarette tobacco.
Strong straight tobacco
Marco Galindo (Montreal, QC) 9/19/2014 12:58 PM
I ordered with a Missouri meerschaum corn cob to test it out. I packed my new corn cob to the brim with this tobacco and it I found to be too strong since I've started pipe smoking a few months ago. Couldn't even pass the smoke through my nose because it was too strong and stung inside my nose. Not for use in a corn cob since I didn't find it tasted that great. So I was mixing a little part of this with some Cavendish blend I had and found it to be quite good with my Blatter and Blatter briar pipe since it was already broken in. Today I packed only the five brothers tobacco since I had nothing else to smoke. To my surprise it tasted even better because of the taste and aromas of my previous blends, much more smokable. Could pass through my nose with smaller puffs. The nicotine hit is quite strong so you don't need to smoke it too long to get a fix. It is still good to mix with other straight tabaccos. Overall it is quite enjoyable.
nice and strong
nice strong tobacco, use it for a few puffs if im busy at work and don't have time to smoke a bowl of something more complex. great nic fix ive rolled it also with a fast burning paper.
Damned Fine Smoke!
Falls Writer's Workshop (Cuyahoga FAlls, OH) 11/5/2013 1:45 PM
Good and strong! Pack it TIGHT! Burns like a fuse! Get your heart rate up!