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Mac Baren: HH LATAKIA FLAKE 1.75oz

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Item Number: MLAT50
The Latakia is up front, the Virginia chimes in with a bit of sweetness, the Orientals throw in spice, and the Burley provides elements of nut and earth. All are hot-pressed, to marry the flavors into a dark, complex cooperation. It is, in short, another uniquely fine flake from the same blender who brought us the lauded Old Dark Fired.

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Room Note: Tolerable

Product Reviews

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Very sweet Latakia Blend.
Patrick Eruimy (Switzerland) 2/7/2016 10:16 AM
I was surprised to smoke a round, sweet and mellow blend, no Lat-bomb, as expected. This time the overhead description is quite accurate in my view. I love Latakia, and Latakia is dominant here but leaves room for others. Therefore I would not call this blend one-dimensional. The well chosen Orientals donate spice and character to this mixture, what I highly appreciate. The backbone of this mixture remains Virginia. Actually, I cannot pick up the Burley, except for occasional sparkles of nutty notes in the second half of the bowl, which I assume originate from Burley. Otherwise the flavour of this mixture is pretty much consistent throughout the bowl. The soft carpet of natural sweetness of Latakia and Virginia, as well as their natural aroma, together with the already mentioned tangy Orientals, is what I like in this blend. What I dislike is this kind of obvious artificial sweetness that has been overlaid with casing. It sticks unpleasantly on my lips. There is no need for an added artificial sweetness in this mixture! The natural sweetness of the tobacco does the job. If there was to add sweetness at all, natural Macedonia Bright (a sweet Oriental) would have been a much better choice. The excessive sweetness remained stuck on my pipe, which I dedicated to this tobacco. I had some trouble cleaning the pipe and get rid of this, in order to smoke “normal” tobacco in it again. For my needs this blend is too sweet and lacks complexity. And I miss the peaty “horse-stable ambiance” in this Latakia. It will not be part of my tobacco selection. Having said that, the HH Latakia Blend remains a recommendable smoke, only for all those looking for a well fermented, mellower, lighter and sweeter Lat/Vir with no peaks and tongue bites.