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Extraordinarily soft blend of the finest US Virginia grades and a number of selected Latakia leaf tips. An ideal mixture also for beginners of English tobaccos.

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Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

Product Reviews

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Amazing spicy oriental mixture
Peter (Budapest) 6/17/2014 5:16 PM
I was completely blown away by this. Last time I was so excited about a blend was when I smelled Balkan Sobranie :) Smell-wise it is like a basket of smokey figs and dates and plums and almonds. Out of the tin it seemed OK but in the pipe proven to be just a bit to moist. It burned a bit hot and had a very-very-tiny tongue bite. I recommend giving it a little time to dry. The smoke was just wonderful. It is rich and spicy. The tin suggests that it does not contain latakia but it tastes like it containes a very little. The Macedonian tobacco is a delight to taste and is complemented by a virginia that has more of the mature earthy notes than straight honey and vanilla notes. Highly recommended.
A religious experience
jimmy (Sweden) 6/12/2011 5:59 AM
Presbyterian was at one point my absolute favorite tobacco. Opening my first tin of this I remember my initial reaction of "This is going to be unsmokeable" due to the whiff of farm animal bedding and so on... To my surprise when packed in a pipe and setting it on fire it takes on sacral incense qualities. Oriental tobaccoes chased around by mild virginia spirits and a couple of latakia leaf tips enough to tingle the back of my nose. Can be a little bitter-sour at times, but once you get the bowl started it is a Religious experience. I do not smoke it as often as I once did though. I might have to do something about that later on in the day because this is a TOP grade tobacco and well worth trying.
Presbyterian Mixture: Heavenly and Uplifting
Mr. Brizzi (Long Island, NY, USA) 1/21/2011 10:18 AM
Presbyterian Mixture is, in my opinion, within the classification of a high class Revelation. Numerous similarities, all being good, to excellent. Subtle smokiness, mild spiciness, absolutely zero tongue bite. Burns completely to the heel of the pipe, leaving only a soft, white ash, for which, the smoker will be lorn for another pleasant, flavorful journey. Cellared, it becomes remarkably even nicer, if you can imagine it. Like a good sermon, uplifting and full of "Can Do" morale fortification, Presbyterian is one of the pipe tobacco smoking experiences not to be missed. It is a mild English mixture that newer smokers wishing to try the Latakia type blends which are the benchmark of English style blends, will find themselves completely without trepidation. Onward, and.., ever forward!