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Toscano: STILNOVO LONSDALE (6.5"x40)


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Italy’s Toscano brand has a long history that dates back to the early 1800s. Toscano cigars have been a go-to choice for those searching for a boldly unique and wildly entertaining smoking experience throughout the years.

Toscano starts with their traditional four-year old Italian-cured Kentucky tobacco, wraps it lovingly in an Italian grown Kentucky fire-cured binder, which up until now, has not been done by this company. The final step, taking this intriguing combination and encasing it inside, guessed it, an American Kentucky fired-cure wrapper. So, what does this mean for flavor? You're still going to have the traditional BBQ tanginess, smoky wood, and sweet chocolate notes that Kentucky fired-cured is known for mixed with some red pepper notes that brings both a sweet, and spicy, medium-bodied experience to your palate.

These majestic sticks come in a traditional Lonsdale (Long) size and are an intriguing 30-45 minute smoke sure to excite!


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