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Item Number: SAVFIL6
These filters are designed for any pipe engineered to accept a 6mm filter. A unique balsa filter that is the heart of the famous Savinelli "Dry System."

20 filters per package

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Kenneth Dowst (Manchester, CT) 4/20/2010 6:57 PM
IMHO, the 6mm filter deserves 5 stars, the 9mm 3. That averages 4 for the line.
The 9mm is a bit fussier
Kenneth Dowst (Manchester, CT) 4/15/2010 6:02 PM
This review applies specifically to the 9mm version. These fluted rods of balsa will take the place of a 9mm canister filter (e.g., "Big Ben") in many pipes designed for same. Like their 6mm cousins, these remove moisture, gunk, & harshness--and some flavor--from tobacco smoke. I think they remove less flavor than the Big Ben does. Choose your weapon based on your tobacco. This "filter" has a cross-section that resembles a snowflake. The end faces are cut diagonally. I don't own any pipes specifically designed for this device. I have to compress it (roll between the fingers) to get to fit in my pipes designed for a standard 9mm canister filter. Because of the diagonal end faces, how the filter is oriented (rotated) in the pipe may affect the draw. On some pipes, at the far end, near the bowl, you may need to keep the prominent end of the filter UP to avoid blocking the air hole. I haven't yet figured out how to make the thing work with one particular pipe of mine. It works fine in others. So the 9mm version is fussier that Savinelli's 6mm version. If you have some pipes desined for a 9mm filter, and you want less filtration than the conventional canister filter gives, these may be your answer. Incidentally, the 9mm Savinellis are damnably hard to find, so thanks to Rich for stocking them.
Kenneth Dowst (Manchester, CT) 4/1/2010 2:40 AM
My previous review applies to the 6 mm Savinelli filter. I haven't yet tried the 9 mm version. My guess is tthat the 9 mm would fit pipes designed to take a standard 9 mm canister filter such as the Big Ben or Jobey filter.
Another good accessory
Kenneth Dowst (Manchester, CT) 4/1/2010 2:36 AM
These triangular-section balsa inserts remove moisture from burning tobacco, some gunk, and perhaps some subtle flavors. They can be used in any pipe designed for the Savinelli "Dry-System" OR designed to take a standard 6mm cylindrical paper filter--such as most corncob pipes. Nice when you want just a little filtration--less than paper filters provide but more than nothing. (You can also use a paper filter [Dr Grabow or Medico] in any pipe designed for the Savinelli. The paper filters are a little longer, so you may need to cut them to size. TIP: for improved draw snip a little off of the paper filters from BOTH ends with sharp scissors.) I'd suggest replacing the Savinelli (or paper) filter after each bowlful.