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Vincent Manil's La Brumeuse pipe tobacco is a very special pipe tobacco grown and processed only in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Bold and earthy, it presents flavors of toasted cedar and nuts, underpinned by definite floral notes. A fairly linear smoking experience, with flavors that don’t so much change as they do deepen, it’s a refreshingly natural smoke. It’s rustic minerality makes it a must-try for the lover of cigars. In the traditional style, Vincent Manil packs and ships this leaf quite dry; while there might be a temptation to bring the tobacco to a higher humidity if you aren't familiar with it, Semois smokes well (and many would argue, best) as received, and tightly packed. (As others have noted, the dryness also means you're getting more leaf, and less water, for the packaged weight.)
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